What is Semaglutide?

A Revolutionary Weight Loss Solution

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide 1(GLP-1). GLP-1 is a hormone naturally produced by the body that causes huge effects on the regulation of blood sugar by stimulating glucose-dependent insulin secretion.

In addition, GLP-1 inhibits glucagon release which slows down the release of sugar into the blood so that you burn more fat, slows down gastric emptying, so that you feel fuller longer, and lowers the desire for food intake because you feel full.


  • Reduces appetite
  • It’s stimulant-free
  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased cholesterol
  • Estimated 15% body fat loss

Semaglutide is FDA-Approved

In June 2021, the FDA approved semaglutide, a once-weekly injection, for chronic weight management in adults when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. The medication had made headlines before its approval when the manufacturer reported 15% to 18% weight loss findings during clinical trials. This is higher than we tend to see with other weight loss medications.

Frequently Asked Question

The weight loss journey can be confusing. Let us simplify the process for you.

The medication out of pocket (typically $900–$1,600/) But we are giving a one time discount program The WPR Program costs $1,200 one time payment and it covers the whole year.

How much does the program cost?

The medication out of pocket (typically $900–$1,600/) But we are giving a one time discount program The WPR Program costs $1,200 one time payment and it covers the whole year.

Do you accept insurance?

Willow Park does not accept insurance for the the G1 Program, which is cash pay only.

What can I expect after I sign up?

After you complete your online visit, a Willow Park Rejuvenation healthcare provider will review your answers and determine whether treatment is right for you. If approved, we’ll send you a Metabolic Test. You’ll collect your blood sample at home through a finger prick and send it back to the lab so we can see how your body’s working right now. Next, you’ll go over the results of your test with your healthcare provider and discuss a personalized treatment plan.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Most people that use Semaglutide are able to lose 5% of their body weight within 12 weeks of taking the treatment.

Trial results showed that in combination with lifestyle modification, a weekly semaglutide dose subcutaneously resulted in a substantial average weight loss of 14.9% of body weight, versus 2.4% with placebo, over a 68-week period.

In a clinical trial evaluating one of the GLP-1 medications offered through the Willow Park Rejuvenation Program, the average person lost 15% of their body weight when the medication was combined with lifestyle modifications. Everyone responds to these medications differently, and We will work with you to get the best results for you and your personal goals.

What are GLP-1s and how do they work?

GLP-1s are a type of medication called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor. GLP-1s have been FDA-approved and deemed safe and effective for managing a number of conditions, including weight management and type 2 diabetes, when taken as directed. GLP-1 medications come in pre-filled injector pens and are self-administered through subcutaneous injection. GLP-1s help with weight management in two ways: They slow down how quickly food leaves your stomach—making you feel full faster and satiated for longer They talk directly to the part of your brain in charge of feeling full—helping you regulate how much you eat When combined with the Willow Park Rejuvenation Program, GLP-1s are an excellent tool to support healthy weight management.

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