Transform Your Smile With Polus Teeth Whitening Treatments

A Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment is one of the best treatments available to whiten your smile. Beyond Polus is especially effective if you have visible, hard food, drink, or tobacco stains. Whether you have fluoride stains or age spots, a Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment will restore your teeth to white as naturally as possible.

Polus Teeth Whitening Treatments Details
  1. Whitening is performed by qualified and experienced staff.
  2. It is a unique high-concentration bleaching agent that has an excellent whitening effect. The gel gives a bright and bright smile.
  3. Very convenient, simple, and fast procedure.
  4. Consistently Affordable and Competitive Prices.
What can I expect from Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment is a safe, painless, and short remedy that offers remarkable results. Your smile is your way to introduce yourself to the world, so a clean, shiny and glowing smile could make a large difference.

Treatment and Procedures Information

Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment is safer than other whitening procedures because it uses high-intensity blue light instead of a heat lamp commonly used in other whitening procedures. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation is completely removed by our 12,000 powerful fiber optic filtering system, leaving only a focused, cold light beam for teeth whitening. The cold light penetrates deep into the teeth, causing oxidation (removal of upper layer stains and discoloration) without harmful side effects.

Recovery Period:
1 week
1 hour 45 minutes
Incision Location:

Frequently Asked Questions

For best whitening results, our dentists recommend a hygienic cleaning prior to whitening (this can be done during the same pre-whitening appointment). If you’ve cleaned in the past 12 months, you can usually continue to whiten unless your dentist finds a lot of plaque.

We generally allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for whitening but allow at least 1 hour and 45 minutes if pre-whitening is required.

A complete Beyond Polus whitening will normally whiten your teeth naturally. Before starting the procedure, bring your scale and polish it with a hygienist or us. The reason is to remove all plaque deposits to enhance the effectiveness of teeth whitening.


Have any questions about Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment? Schedule your FREE consultation with us today by calling (479) 333-1933. Read on below to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


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