What Is a PRP Facelift?

A PRP facelift is also known as a vampire facelift (because the main ingredient is PRP from blood). It uses blood growth factors to rejuvenate and heal the skin while fighting the signs of aging and resolving problematic skin conditions. The treatment is nonsurgical but is often referred to as a facelift because of the dramatic results PRP treatment can provide.

How You Can Benefit from a PRP Facelift:
  1. Reduce your pore size, making them smaller and tighter
  2. Create new collagen
  3. Smooth out the surface of your skin
  4. Reduce the appearance of blemishes and age spots
  5. Decrease your total number of fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Improve the tone of your skin and even out your skin color
  7. Smooth out the surface of your skin
How does it work?

The PRP Facelift combines the use of platelet plasma with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. At the beginning of treatment, dermal fillers are injected into different areas of the face that need more volume.

Treatment and Procedures Information

60 minutes
Incision Location:
 Areas around the mouth, Moderate to severe nasolabial folds, Temples, Cheeks
Recovery Period:
about 4 to 6 weeks
local anesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different benefits associated with PRP treatments. Platelet plasma helps heal the skin, restores vitality and youthfulness, and can solve several problematic skin conditions that result from the aging process. It can cause: Proliferation and differentiation of cells, Extracellular matrix accumulation (ECM), and  Increased production of collagen and elastin.

There are some treatments and activities that you should avoid prior to your treatment for the best results. We may ask you: Temporarily not use anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin, Ibuprofen) Avoid excessive heat Temporarily use certain topical products (salicylic acid, glycolic acid and other anti-aging ingredients) Temporary sun exposure Avoid waxing, discoloration or tweezers When going to yours Arrive at the appointment, come with a clean face and free of make-up or products. After treatment, use plenty of moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated, drink plenty of water, avoid pinching or scratching your skin, and avoid sun and vigor for at least 24 hours after treatment.


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