The Awesome Benefits Of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

Youthful glow became the aim of most women, ranging from mid 30’s to 50’s, and they want to remain beautiful even if it meant spending a lot of money. They have since invested in many creams and serums, along with tedious night routines to keep the radiance in their skin. Recently, there was a breakthrough of self-healing, and the body’s awesome way to recover from almost anything was contributed to the healthy blood in your veins.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP – also known as Vampire Facial – is a treatment that makes use of the body’s natural healing abilities to amplify the natural growth factors the body uses to heal destroyed or torn tissue. They make use of rich plasma – the liquid part of the blood – and it’s full of water and proteins. It has awesome healing properties that helps with blood clots and other growth healing functions.

PRP is a therapy that uses injections that contains a concentration of the patient’s own platelets for a speedy healing of injured tendons. Ligaments, joints, and muscles, thus the rising popularity with sports stars and athletes. It’s also known to keep that youthful skin that keeps you forever young.

What’s the process of PRP?

  1. Blood Drawn. The doctor usually collects blood on your arm to ensure a rich source of blood. They usually just collect 2 to 4 tablespoons of blood to work around with.
  2. Blood Transferred to Lab. Since they only need the rich plasma, your blood has to undergo a centrifuge to separate it by layer.
  3. Injection. Depending on the area you need to focus on, your doctor will then proceed to inject the concentrated platelets on your face through a syringe or micro needling. Sometimes, a dermatologist might even inject a filler for immediate results.

Known Benefits of PRP

  • It has the ability to reduce wrinkles and give you that youthful look you strive to obtain.
  • It gives your facial skin an ample plump and slowly rid of the sagging skin for that young glowing look.
  • Stretches the deep creases and make the skin look tight and healthy.
  • An amazing improvement on one’s complexion and confidence too!
  • It can actually fade pimple scars.
  • It almost has no downtime.

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