How Does CoolSculpting Work ?

How does CoolSculpting Work? CoolSculpting ® is one of the most popular current trends in plastic surgery, because there is no surgery at all. It’s a 100% non-invasive procedure with no recovery time, providing an alternative to liposuction that thousands can enjoy. CoolSculpting ® uses a process known as cryolipolysis, which is based on a scientific phenomenon known as Cool Panniculitis.


What is Cool Panniculitis?

For decades, doctors and scientists have known about a strange phenomenon known as “cool panniculitis.” This is when fat cells crystalize and die when exposed to cold temperatures. It’s been found that fat cells freeze before skin, tissue, blood, and other important cells, for reasons that are not entirely clear biologically but are likely designed to protect the body in some way. When they freeze, they die, and the body removes them naturally over the course of several months. If you’d like to learn more about our procedures, give us a call today.

This finding is well known. Popsicle panniculitis is a type of cold panniculitis that causes dimples to form in children that ate too many popsicles as a child, causing the fat underneath the skin on their face to melt away. Learn more on how to lose stomach fat.

Cryolipolysis is a machine-driven process that creates cool panniculitis on purpose in order to freeze and kill fat cells without harming the rest of the body. Numerous subsequent studies confirmed that if you use a special machine to freeze specific parts of the body (targeting fat cells), you can damage and eliminate fat cells without any short or long term damage to the rest of the body.

Almost literally translated to “Killing Fat Through Freezing,” cryolipolysis is the process used by Zeltiq in their CoolSculpting ® machines. CoolSculpting ® uses a special tool to pinch fat (known as an applicator), keep fat cells on the surface with a vacuum, and cool them to the perfect temperature to damage the cells without hurting skin, tissue, and other organs.


The Effects of Cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting ®

Cryolipolysis – and, by definition, CoolSculpting ® – has been proven very effective at reducing fat. One single treatment can reduce fat by as much as 35% in the targeted area. The fat cells are then eliminated from the body over several months, so the results are very natural in appearance, and the process itself can be completed on nearly any area of the body with pinchable fat. The exception is the neck and breasts, although there are currently studies underway to develop applicators for those areas as well.

There are very few non-surgical alternatives to liposuction out there. Those that do exist require either multiple treatments, or are based on pseudoscience (fake science or wishful thinking). CoolSculpting ® is currently the only procedure that has proven benefits in a single session, with as much as 35% fat loss in the targeted areas. That’s what makes it such a popular choice for those that are near their goal weight, but have not yet lost those last pounds.


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